President’s Note

It saddens me to write this but here we are…Labor Day weekend.  Where did the summer go?  When my kids were little and we’d spend the entire summer vacation here, it seemed to last forever. Now it feels like I blinked and it’s over.  The fact that it went by so fast does not take away from what a great, fun filled summer we had. Another one for the memory books! The summer may be coming to an end but we are still very busy here, always trying to make improvements to our happy place. Our compactor for recycling has been delivered Wednesday and we should be utilizing it shortly. It is imperative that you break down your cardboard boxes. It could be very costly to all of us if you do not. The office has begun inputting sites and phone numbers so we can begin using our new intercom system once the guards leave the shack. Please make sure the office has all your latest contact information. The pools will remain open on the weekends in September. Times are currently being worked out. Please join us for our last recreation meeting of the season on Saturday, September 9th, 10am in the lounge. With a few members retiring this year (including myself) the committee will need help. We try to go out with a bang so we have a jam packed weekend lined up for you. I hope to see you all on the dance floor (or the volleyball court, or the teen dance, or the scavenger hunt…lol) Whatever you do this weekend, have fun, be safe and be a good neighbor! 
Your President,